Dr. Catherine Gilabert


Dr. Gilabert has been working at Banfield since 2014. She graduated from Colorado State University and as a California native, she wanted to work somewhere warm. She started out her career aspiring to work with large animals and fell in love with small animal medicine, dentistry, pain management and preventive health. Dr. Gilabert has 2 Maltese dogs, Sprite and Ellie, a German Shepherd mix, Gruffi, and a red eared slider named Turtle. She treats all pet patients as if they were a member of her family. On her days off, she likes to read up on the newest medicine so that she can do the best for her patients. Dr. Gilabert currently resides in Henderson, her home donned with solar panels, has a small vegetable garden, and is trying to make her home have an edible landscape.

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