Approach to Medicine

Banfield Medicine: Leaders in High-Quality Veterinary Care

At Banfield, we believe every pet is entitled to receive the highest-quality veterinary care, powered by clinical diagnostics, therapeutic analysis, and the latest medical evidence. We accomplish this in three ways: partnership, knowledge, and support.

Evidence-Based Medicine


Banfield is a world leader in quality veterinary care, and we have achieved this by fostering an unparalleled support structure throughout our practice. Each hospital team enjoys the support of medical and business professionals dedicated to keeping their hospital running smoothly and ensuring the best possible service to pets and their people.

PetWare® & BARK

We gather information from the 2.5 million pets seen at our clinics in PetWare, a centralized medical record database. Our internal research team, Banfield Applied Research and Knowledge (BARK), uses this data to conduct population-based research, which allows us to make recommendations on the prevention, diagnosis or treatment of particular diseases.