Dr. Audrey Washburn


Dr. Audrey Washburn was born in North Carolina and has lived much of her life in Virginia. She received a B.S. degree in natural resources from Cornell University and a M.S. degree in wildlife ecology and conservation from the University of Florida. Thus began a career in wildlife biology where she climbed very tall skinny trees to put radio tags on young hawks, then flew around South America trying to find their radio signals after they migrated. Birds were great, but she found she wanted to spend more time with people, so she decided to become a vet. To turn her veterinary training into an adventure she went to Massey University Vet School in New Zealand. She just moved to beautiful Colorado with her husband, Bryan, and she is VERY excited to hike in the mountains with her dogs, Max and Cocoa. The bird, Chewy, and cat, Floki, are very jealous since they can't go outside.